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China moves on new round TD network card tender result drawing a charge

Update:10/15/2009    Reader:841

Author: Kang Zhao

          According to industry in the Consultant firm three electricity consultation's related report disclosed that tender quantity is bigger, participation manufacturer more China to move the new round nearly 25,000 TD-SCDMA data card tender result to make known, new postal passes continues for the most winner, scores 10,000.

    Olympic Games TD data card tender

    It is reported that China moves the new round TD data card tender result to make known in last weekend, the tender result already informed various manufacturers.

    According to three electricity consultation's report, on these TD the network card is completely the HSDPA data card, the grand total is selected the number is 24800, close 25000.

    This purchase is purchases specially for the Olympic Games wireless surfer, requests to safeguard Olympic Games' use. TD which once again after China this in fact is moves 40,000 television handsets China moves starts to tender specially. 

    New postal showers postal letter branch 

         Because before only then included Datang, the heavy postal letter branch, new postal to pass, the Chinese Putian, the summer new 5 enterprise's TD-HSDPA data card products to attain the Department concerned to enter the net permit, therefore, the above 5 manufacturers participated in the competitive tender.

    But the result is, disclosed according to three electricity consultation's report that according to the being selected quantity, various manufacturers place is in turn new postal passes, Yongsheng, Datang, Xia Xinhe the Putian.

    And, new postal passes is selected 10,000, the market share reaches as high as 40%, Yongsheng Corporation is selected 7100, Datang is selected 5000, the summer is selected newly 2500. Putian is selected 200.

    It is reported that what Putian, new postal passes with Yongsheng uses is the heavy postal letter branch solution, then produces voluntarily. Thus, the heavy postal letter branch's chip in fact is selected in this TD surfer data card tender the number to amount to 173,000,000, but other use the Datang chip the TD data card to be selected 7500.

    Therefore, understood from the different angle that new postal passes with its secret heavy postal letter branch is the winner.

    XiaxinYongsheng Entering

    Before, China moved had already carried in two TD network card's tender, when the first February, the resurgence communication for the biggest winner, obtained 10,000, Datang obtains 5000. The second time is in June, being selected for Datang, the heavy postal letter branch, Putian.

    This time, the competitive tender enterprise increased Xia Xin and Yongsheng these two, it is reported that the summer recently entered this domain was because it product takes TD this kind of 3G one of next step main force products, takes seriously extremely, therefore, on the TD handset and TD network card aspect all-round blooming. But Yongsheng this time is selected the sequence second, is also astonishing, but this company background is unclear.

    As further explained that this tender result very great degree is produces by the manufacturer can decide, because China movement requirement time is too short, because few manufacturer like Putian has undertaken the goods supply which in June is selected, increases the goods supply to have the difficulty once more, therefore, this time is selected the number to be few.

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